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Are You an Author or Small Publisher? 

We specialize in creating attractive, functional, and affordable sites for book publishers and authors.We have decades of experience in the independent publishing business and we know what your readers want in an author website.
Our sites are not cookie cutter. NewMedia’s sites are individually created with your book(s) look in mind. We designed some of our own books themes to meet the specific needs of authors.Click on each small screenshot below to be taken to the site. We are working on new themes all the time.
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Indiansun      horses      Stoney

sharma3      Cohen      Mrsa

poyntersite3            Kirkman3

thea-theme-3      wise-screenshot      Brandylane

Dad      Surgeon       poynter2

davis-web-shot      Harris-site-screenshot       Wealth

RuffDg       Curtis      LimaBr

Doom1       Chapin   Ale-screen-thumb

addicus       Rockoff    loveloss