E-commerce or Subscription


Shopping cart? Membership?

Would you like to have e-commerce (shopping cart) on your site?

There is a great deal of complexity in these kinds of sites and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are not telling you the truth

When it comes to e-commerce the moving parts are

  • Catalog of products
  • Shipping and tax
  • Integration with a credit card service (PayPal, Square, etc.)
  • Viewing and modifying the cart (sometimes called “basket” or “shopping bag.”)
  • Reporting of sales and inventory
  • Ability to make quick changes

We have you covered at a low extra cost (ask for our price list.) We will install an e-comm platform that will work well for a large number of products. We will configure it for a few of your items and for PayPal (only) and you can do the rest yourself after seeing our examples and learning how the system works. The e-comm platform will work with hundreds of payment gateways besides PayPal, but many require an added module often costing around $50. If you buy it, we’ll do it! (PayPal does not charge for their gateway module.)

The thing to keep in mind with e-comm is NOT the number of products, but how much traffic you will get. If you are going to be making hundreds of sales a day (or maybe a week) you might be best to have your site set up on a special e-comm server. We can do that for you, but the cost will be considerably more.

To see a sample of our e-comm platform , click this link to see “Our Store” on a demo site.


Perhaps you would like a membership site where you might either sell memberships or simply have separate content for different members?

Membership sites are also complex:

  • The registration of new members
  • The login process and verification
  • Member profile to change email, phone, etc.
  • Content “protection” for different membership “classes”
  • Administrative updating of member status

There are many options when it comes to membership and e-com sites and you need someone who can make the process tolerable for you (these sites are never easy!)

We have a number of methodologies for membership sites, at a reasonable extra cost to you.