Hosting and Domains

Where to host your site?

There are lots and lots of places to host your website. We  only recommend ONE of them:

pair Networks – Yes, the lower case “p”…  that’s what they named the company with!

They have the very best support and service, but cost a few dollars more (and worth it.) These are the people you WANT to go with, they are our first choice (actually our only choice as of 8/2013) … because they are the best! We have been with them for ten years now. How many vendors do YOU have after ten years that you can speak so glowingly about?

We have a special deal with them to waive their setup fee on their  plans. Contact us if you go with them and we’ll contact Pair (I like using the uppercase ‘p’) and we’ll get your fee waived for you.  Or use the link above to check them out and sign up and the fee should be waived… but check with us anyway.

The best deal, for the money in our opinion is the Pair “Package-2” service level for ten bucks a month. Yes, it is almost double what their cheaper plan costs, but you get a lot for the money…  you have plenty of room to  add more sites later on.

Oh… and  if you pay yearly (in advance) you get an 8% discount. 

We recommend Pair Networks but feel free to choose (or stay with) whatever ISP you want… but we urge you to steer clear of GoDaddy for hosting.  We won’t go into detail here… but ask around… search on “godaddy sucks” and see what come up.


DreamHost – Good deal on free domain. Has a somewhat klunky control panel. They have had a bunch of problems in the recent past. We’ve stopped recommending them until they get over a lot of these problems. As of 8/2014 they have not met our standards, but I hear they are working on it. Lots of people like them. We don’t know why.

BlueHost – Well-known host company, a past favorite among users of WordPress. However, they were bought by a large company called EGI and their service has suffered. You may get lucky and be put on a well-configured server… or you may not! We don’t like to talk badly about a host company, but this is one you might want to take off your list.

HostGator – There have been issues in the past with HostGator… they were bought by the same company as BlueHost… EGI… who buys up lots of indie hosts and… well you know what happens. Maybe their service will improve but as of 8/2014 I hear that it hasn’t.

How to find a Domain

Almost every web host has a page where you can check the availability of a domain name. Here are three we like:


We do not recommend you register or host with Godaddy or Register, but they are great for checking names! We recommend that you register your domain where you are going to host it. Makes things much more simple. We are with pairNetworks so we use pairNIC.

We LOVE the pairNIC service because they treat you like an adult. The others have a low “teaser” price of $9 a year, but by the time you get all the options they pitch at you, you are up to $25 a year. With pairNIC they have one price and they include ALL the ‘stuff’ you will want. You don’t have to waste time wondering if you need “this” or “that.” You get the whole smash with pairNIC.