Our Manual Makes Your Updates Easy

We get asked all the time “I have a site, but I want someone to make a change for me. Will you do that?”

Yes, we will.

We do not want a “retainer” arrangement with you. We are happy to do “one-off” repairs, changes, additions. etc. (Why not a retainer fee? We don’t want that call on Sunday night while watching 60 Minutes where you say “I have to have this change done by tomorrow at 7 AM! We pay you for this, so please get it done!”)

So, if there are some changes and additions you need for your website, we’ll be happy to give you a fixed-bid quote for doing them, we’ll probably ask for half up-front if it is a big job, and you can decide if you want us to do the work.

Let’s talk now about the sites that we put up from scratch, which is mainly what we do.

You will receive a terrific user manual from us (see a sample.) It has everything you will need to know to make the usual WordPress changes… changing content on a page or post, adding new pages, understanding how the top menu works, and dealing with the sidebar widgets.

Most themes offer additional features and ours are no exception. Themes often make available some changes that are often difficult via the traditional WordPress “way.” For example, uploading a logo or changing background colors or choosing a different font. Our user guide outlines all of the extra features that many of our themes have so that you can quickly make changes to your site.

We paid a fair sum of money in getting a user guide that met our standards, and we know from the experience of others that it will answer most of your questions.

Of course just knowing what to do is different than doing it. You can’t learn to play golf from a book, you have to get out there and hit the ball! But what if you don’t want to spend the time or even read the user guide? For changes and additions you can call us. If we can’t or won’t do what you want or need we will happily refer you to someone we’ve qualified who will and can.