Change is Constant!

From time to time we will be adding new services, different pricing… maybe even a holiday “sale” so please check back here to see what we’re doing and how it might benefit you and your business.

An Open Letter to Theme and Plugin Developers: Why I Can’t Buy Your Products Any Longer

Web designers like myself rely on our theme and plugin vendors (like you) who have many excellent products I want to buy, and in the past I did buy them, many of them, and would continue to. But now I can’t. Many of you rely on web designers for a large portion of your revenue […]

Vendors Have Value

I thought that maybe I should/could clear up what I think are some misconceptions about vendors and their value in publishing and other businesses. Many if not most of the those in this list have a notion, maybe even a deep-seated bias, that vendors participate in this venue just to get business. [Click the title for full story…]

Use a book to build your biz

Nothing new with that advice… people have been writing short give-away books for years. My point is that IT WORKS. If it didn’t, no one would spend the time, effort, and cost. Here is an example. We just did a site for MillerBedford which is management consulting company that was already successful but wanted to […]

Starting on a shoestring

We do a lot of websites for authors who are actually one-person publishing houses. I’m often asked by prospective authors why should they pay us to do a website when they can do it themselves. My answer is simple. If one doesn’t have adequate funds to invest… at least there isn’t much one can lose! […]