Our Business Model

Our Mission

Our mission and business model is very simple.

We create nice looking websites for small businesses… and especially authors and other creative types.

Our market-basket of services is targeted to those who want a website, have little or no idea how to get one OR who don’t want to make the effort. Our goal is to get client sites up in a week of work once we have all of the content. We  provide the client with a manual on how to take over and be their own “webmaster.”

Bookwrights Design and Adams-Blake Publishing have worked together for the past fifteen years on book projects and make a good team. Bookwrights Design has the artistic, design, and graphic  knowledge. Adams-Blake has the tech, marketing, and management ability.

We are also work with several other well-known and credible web designers in the USA (no off-shore work… jobs for America!)

We have a simple database that has an excellent “workflow” module where we can monitor the progress of each project from initial contact to payment. We are very organized.

We are not wedded to any concept or any methodology and are happy to get ideas. We are happy to receive comments, criticism, and suggestions from our client base. We want them to feel free to offer ideas and suggestions… we’re happy to hear anything and everything they might come up with.

We know there is a demand in the small biz sector… the new lawyer, CPA, software contractor, marriage therapist… as more and more people are leaving (or have been pitched out of) corporate America and are starting their own businesses.

We know there is a demand in the publishing sector as more and more first-book authors abandon the traditional publishing model and strike out on their own with Kindle and iBook. The paradigm is often “one book, one website.”

There are many businesses and creative people who want a nice looking website for an affordable price and who want it quickly.

If clients aren’t happy with our work we will gladly remove our work and charge them nothing.

Bottom line, our mission is to do good work at a fair price, to treat our customers fairly, not promise what we can’t deliver, not take on work that is beyond our focus, and to always do not only what is best for the client, but what is right BY the client.

We run an honest house.