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This will take you to the secure PayPal payment page for NewMedia Website Design.

You can make payment here. If we sent you an invoice using the PayPal form, you can click the button on the email you receive. You end up at the same place!

Why do we use PayPal? They have never been hacked! They have the best security in the industry. You will be transferred to their secure page to enter your card and address info. YOU DO NOT NEED A Pay Pal ACCOUNT! YOU CAN PAY WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD. If you have a PayPal account, you can use that if you want.

Finally, they have a “buy now, pay later” program (see link (pop-up) below.) Lots of people like this feature… especially if they make sure to pay at least a day before the time limit is up!

(Note: If you get email from “” don’t be concerned. NewMedia Website Design is part of Adams-Blake Publishing. See About Us)