They Like Us!

Our clients like us… they like us a lot!  Here are some of our most recent “victims” and what they have to say about our work. We hope you will give NewMedia Website Design a try so we can put your kind words up here.


Dancing Twiga Press

NewMediaCreate reminded me why I needed a professional to design my website. They are knowledgeable and innovative and daring. They are not afraid to tell you that your idea won’t work or might distract from the site. They held my hand through the process, and sometimes tugged at it, to make me stop and re-examine my design requests. In the end they designed a website that truly reflects my work and my personality – in other words - I achieved the Website of my dreams.

I am very PLEASED and PROUD of it. Thanks you Al and the rest of your Team.

Tolawaken Press

NewMedia Website Design was dedicated, trustworthy, friendly, knowledgeable, insightful and intuitive to my needs and just plain fun to work with. They will be designing my next website. I highly recommend them for a professional website.

Dennis Freed
Tolawaken Press

Addicus Books

We were most pleased with the excellent help NewMedia gave us in getting started with a new Web site, using Word Press.  We had been using old technology for the back end of our site, and NewMedia brought us up to date!  I was impressed with both their knowledge of  Web site development and the speed with which they worked. Within a matter of days, he had our whole site's template developed, so that we could upload information.  Equally important, their prices were very reasonable.

Rod Colvn
Addicus Books

Alan Rockoff

I found NewMedia fast, efficient and delightful to work with.  Most important, they did a fantastic job and helped me build a web presence that is not just functional but more attractive and elegant than I could have imagined.  All this, and economy too.  Highest recommendation.  

CulturAle Press

We've had people create several websites for us in other ventures, and this was the most professional of any of them.   Al and his people give good advice, do what they say they'll do, and do it for a price that is far less than other web designers.   The final product is clean, functional, and easy to edit.

Bob Tucker
CulturAle Press

Permanent Butterfly Memorial Monument

We are indebted to Al Canton and the designers of NewMedia Website Design who created this beautiful website pro-bono. It was truly a mitzvah and we hope that those in our community who require web services give NewMedia an opportunity to bid on the business... be it a new site or repair of an old one.

K Squared Books

An amazing job! The team at NewMedia took me from concept to execution on a very tight deadline. Not only was the final product polished and professional-looking, but the cost was completely reasonable. Great people with fantastic ideas that I highly recommend!

Karyn Folan, Author/Publisher
K Squared Books

RuffDog Books

I’ve had many sites built previously – none went up so fast as this one! I think your biggest challenge was me, and I do appreciate your patience in trying to keep me clear. When I looked at the final invoice it seems amazing value for what I’ve got and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others. Whilst I was more involved than with previous designers I’ve worked with, (helping to choose layouts, finding photos etc.) I ultimately found that part hugely rewarding. I know the children’s charities we support will directly benefit from your attention to detail and quality, and my gratitude for that is endless.


Julie Starr, Director
RuffDog Books

Curtis Christine Press

We were totally blown away by the 'high-touch' service that we got from NewMedia. We kept changing things as we went along and they didn't blink an eye. It's great having a professional graphic artist on the NewMedia team... we learned a lot from Mayapriya Long. We highly recommend them and will use them again.

Troy Muilenburg
Curtis Christine Press

Lima Bear Press

Al Canton and his team did a magnificent job in setting up our website.  The NewMedia Website Design team was professional and innovative.  The team participated with us in a very helpful way throughout the whole project, and they were patient with us as we fleshed out the kind of platform that best suited our needs.  Al is a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Thomas Weck, CEO
Lima Bear Press

CulturetWTF Seminar

Mayapriya and Al did such an outstanding job designing our website; so of course, when we needed a landing page designed to register attendees for our workshops, we contacted them.  It was important to us that our brand had the same professional look and feel.  They helped guide us in the right theme to choose, and helped hook the site up with a registration plug-in and connected it all to PayPal.  It looks great and everything works!  Great, fast work you two!  We appreciate it!

Julie Miller

Dae Juan

We love the site, man! Very cool! Managers, publicists, everyone think it's great. You guys rock!

Monetary Publishing

My new site is now "live" and it looks better than I had ever imagined. I first started trying to do it on my own (it can't be that hard?), but I found myself going down the road to just another amateurish final product and I felt "lost in space."

Al and Mayapriya came to the rescue and created a professional and easy to navigate web site with an intuitive layout and a product presentation   that professionals in the book publishing industry have come to expect.  They turned my dreaded task into a rewarding experience and exceeded my expectations at every step of the process. The experience and skill set they brought to the table was indispensable.

When I want the best outcome, I hire the best people. I will contract with NewMedia Web Site Design again on my next web site project.

NorCal Brick Pizza Ovens

Al, Mayapriya: Being your latest "victim" I would like to say the job you did is fabulous. I have received more compliments than you could imagine. The one word constantly used is "professional."

My sister told me she had to verify it was not some million dollar enterprise that owned my site.

The quality of service was equal to the quality of the site itself. I will be thanking you both for a very long time.

Author Publicity

You know the drill. You hire a web site designer, you have your initial chat, and you hear from the designer again...sometime in the next month or so, if you're lucky.

Well, NewMedia Website Design has changed it up. You hire Al and Mayapriya,  they ask you what you want, they help you articulate it...and then, before you can even properly realize it, your site is live and ready for business.

In my case, I wanted a simple, easy-to-read site without distractions. And that's exactly what I got. Could you ask for anything better than quick, responsive, creative, kind -- and exactly what you asked for, when you ask for it? I couldn't!

Thank you, NewMedia!

Stacey Miller
Author Publicity

Andrew Chapin

The NewMedia team of Al and Mayapriya are two class individuals that I wish I worked with on a daily basis.  They tirelessly worked with me to flesh out a vague vision of what I wanted and bring to fruition a website that I am proud to call my own.  Thanks to them, my site offers me a platform to promote my own writing, as well as the work of others.  I would vigorously recommend not only their work but also their process.  It is precise and thorough to the highest degree.  There were times where I would thank Al effusively for all of his concern, sometimes talking to me on the phone for over an hour explaining what he was doing for the website and what he needed me to do.  His response would be simple: This is how we do business, so you're not getting special treatment.  That told me so much about the care and concern that NewMedia has for all of their clients.

I have only superlatives to say about Al, Mayapriya, and NewMedia Website Design.  Thank you for turning my vision into a reality.

GodSpirits United, LLC

There is no equal to New Media Website Design. What a find! I am so happy with my beautiful new website. It has turned out beyond my wildest dreams--a cut (or more) above everything else. They offer many wonderful themes to choose from--something for everyone. Alan Canton is a delight to work with. I particularly appreciated his attention to precision detail and his patience in explaining things to me. Mayapriya Long has a delicate sense of selecting colors that blend beautifully together. Working with these two professionals has been a very rewarding experience, and I could not be happier.

Nancy Lynne Harris
GodSpirits United, LLC

Sweet Dreams Factory

NewMedia Website Design deserves my highest accolades for their creation of my gorgeous website. They have masterfully designed an exceptionally beautiful, uncluttered, and professional website with the perfect balance of playfulness that strikingly showcases my picture children’s book "Honey Bee and The Great Beyond." Not only has NewMedia Website Design demonstrated excellent technical and graphic design expertise, they have been exceptionally responsive to all of my questions throughout the entire website design process. I love the color, typography, easy navigation, and overall visual appeal about the site’s design, and my beta reviewers have raved about it as well. I couldn’t be more thrilled! I highly recommend NewMedia Website Design for anyone who desires a quality website and enjoyable project experience!

Transplant Handbook for Patients

Thanks to you, my transplant site came out very well.

It has all the features authors and publishers need.

I recommend you suggest to your clients that they take a look at it.

Dan Poynter

Brandylane Publishers

Site looks great.!

Our thanks to both of you.

Robert H. Pruett, Publisher
Brandylane Publishers


Al Canton and Mayapriya Long are a great team in website design.  They are experts in what they do - Al on the technical side and Mayapriya on the design side.  They work miracles to get your site looking its best and in a very short period of time.  Besides being immediately responsive, they are also fun to work with!  They offer great value for the money! Austin, Texas -- August, 2013


Julie Miller

Tignor Publishing

I know absolutely nothing about websites. Al Canton of New Media Web Design made the process of designing my website easy and nonthreatening to someone who does not have the time or interest in learning the intricacies of web design. When designing my website it seemed as if Al could read my mind with the first design being very close to what I had envisioned. Interestingly, it seemed that everything I wanted done, including e-commerce, was included in the contract price along with suggestions for web hosting and domain names. I highly recommend Al Canton and New Media Web Design for anyone contemplating a website –  George Cave, Ph.D, (author of Just Be A Dad: Things My Father Never Told Me). Simi Valley, CA -- September 2013

True Stories Press

This was my first encounter with a website builder and it was a very good experience. I ended up with a quality site for a very reasonable price. It looks really good! Simi Valley, CA -- June, 2013

Shore Breeze Realty

Al Canton of NewMedia Website Designs created a wonderful real estate website using Agent Press. With my real estate brokerage website in dire need of revamping, I finally found someone that could point me in the right direction. Al offered sound advice and most importantly - Made it Happen! Getting this done with NewMedia was so much easier than with a service bureau. When my clients need assistance to sell or buy a home - I have the right online website at a price much cheaper than the service bureaus. When I need to make a change to the website, I don't need a webmaster - Voila! I can make edits myself. Dana Point CA -- May, 2013

Enjoy The Journey Publishing

What a wonderful experience working with Mayapriya Long and Al Canton at NewMedia Website Designs. From the graphics to the technical support, they were with us every step of the way. They have thoroughly impressed us with their fast service and the amazing site they have built for us. Words cannot express our gratitude for all they have helped us with. They sure took the stress of building this site off of us. Shelby, North Carolina, July, 2013

New Paradigm Solutions

We are a new company and on a tight budget.  New Media Website design was the perfect cost-effective solutions for us, and we feel we got more than expected in return for our investment.  We have received an excellent reception on the work New Media Website design did for us. Austin, Texas -- April, 2013

Safe Ground Mediation

New Media Website Design offers everything a small business owner could want. Headed by a top-notch software programmer and an extraordinary graphic designer, the company creates beautiful websites within a short time frame. Not only that, they provide excellent customer service - and all for an extremely affordable price.


I had been dragging my feet about putting up a website for my business. I didn't want to either pay a fortune to some designer or spend hour upon hour trying to build a professional-looking site on my own. I've known Al and Mayapriya for a long time and can attest that they are wonderful people who do fantastic work. When I heard about New Media Website Design, I knew that I was out of excuses. So what are you waiting for?  Manhattan Beach, CA - -May 2013


Susan Goland, J.D.
Safe Ground Mediation

Wings Charity Foundation

We are a charity organization and were able to get outstanding help from NewMedia Website Design. The people who work for this company are highly professional, with excellent skills for creating a web site that is very elegantly done and very informative.

It was a pleasure to work with Alan Canton because he is always willing to help and provided the best services in a very timely manner. We highly recommend them to all of you who are thinking of creating a web site for your business. I can guarantee you will be happy with the quality and human touch. Sacramento, CA – - April, 2013

Natasha Owen, Advisor
Wings Community


Finally we have a brand new, appropriate website! Thank you. Now we won’t be embarrassed to give out our URL to people. We know they will see a site that beautifully represents our book design firm. Thanks for all the help Al! Charlottesville, VA – - January, 2013

Mayapriya Long
Bookwrights Design


The folks at NewMediaWebsiteDesign are authors, publishers, designers and computer experts who know books. Their NewMediaWebsiteDesign.com site has everything you need from explanations to sign-up sheets. Have a question? They have already thought of it and have answered it on the site.

The websites that they build are with WordPress. WordPress is the new standard.

After they finished the site, I noted two improvements that could be made. I was able to go in and make them myself. I did not have to contact them.

The partners in the company, Alan Canton and Mayapriya Long, are fast (how about overnight service,) responsive (they get back to you right away), and they are very, very helpful (patient.)

I have written 132 books and have been a publisher since 1969. The new way to promote books is to have an individual website for each one. NewMediaWebsiteDesign's low-price and quick service make this an easy decision.   Santa Barbara, CA - - October, 2012

Dan Poynter

Funeral Insurance Specialists

Al and Mayapriya, I wanted both you to know how pleased I am with the WordPress site that NewMediaWebsiteDesign designed for me. I am an older guy who is a little gun shy around technology and you made the process simple and easy for me to follow. I wanted a site that that was professional and classy, one that positioned me as a trusted advisor not a purveyor of snake oil. You understood what I wanted and delivered! Even more amazing is that this took just a few days! Mayapriya, the graphics are perfect, they are a great "hook" to keep people on the page. I have received a great response from those that I have shared it with. Thanks again! Circle Pines, Minnesota - - October, 2012

Susan Stone, Author

I knew my newly published historical novel, "The Kosambi Intrigue," needed a website, but venturing into the realm of website creation felt daunting—until Al Canton and Mayapriya Long at NewMediaWebsiteDesign helped me along. They were professional and so easy to work with. They kindly responded to my many questions and guided me through what turned out to be a surprisingly short process. Within a day, they created a site that beautifully presents "Kosambi." Thank you very much, NewMediaWebsiteDesign! --  Charlottesville, VA - - August, 2012

My Core Course

I had tried to build a Word Press site on my own, and was surprised at how much knowledge and time was required to get a clean site set up.  After a few weeks on the learning curve, I contacted Al Canton for help.  NewMediaWebsiteDesign offers a smart, clear, approachable, and cost-effective Word Press web site building business.  I provided the text and a few graphics for my site, and it was up and running the next day.  I can now move on to building and running my business.  A great job done by great folks. --  Grass Valley, CA -- August 2012

Michael Freedman, Curator
My Core Course


I've always wanted my own web page for my Australian Shepherd, Jack, but I never wanted to figure out how to get it going. This was so easy. I registered for a domain hosting at Pair Networks and just sent NewMediaWebsiteDesign.com the log-in info, some text and a couple of pictures and the next day my site was up... for far less than what other services charged. What is even better is they gave me a short manual on how I can add to the site. I thank NewMedia Website Design.. as does Jack (woof!) --   Fair Oaks, CA -- August, 2012

Jane Schweitzer

Balilkin Books

Alan Canton and 129Websites.com rescued me. While recuperating from an accident I was alerted to a wonderful review of my new book, "Accidental Felon," in Publishers Weekly--but due to my injuries had done absolutely no marketing, did not have a website, had no way to make use of this. The low cost and promise to get a professional website up within hours was irresistible and just "what the doctor ordered." I would definitely recommend this service to anyone, businesses as well as individuals. How often do you get more than your money's worth for products or services? --  Raleigh, NC -- July, 2012

Gloria Wolk, Publisher
Balilkin Books

EagleDVBE, Inc

Finding the time to create a new, more flexible website was impossible until hearing from NewMediaWebsiteDesign.com. Not only did they offer a great low price, they made the process simple, taking material we already had, and created a great looking new site in only a few hours. Al and his team were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a new website.  - - June, 2012 (picture not submitted by client.)

Keith Walter, Director
EagleDVBE, Inc