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First the short answer: If you don’t want to search for a theme, then don’t. Show us a web homepage you like and we’ll make it for you (with your own colors and modifications.) OR… sketch us a pix of the layout you envision (you can use this free site to draw it,) and send us something as simple as this. We can work with you to refine it. We can give you any layout you want, it just might cost a little bit extra then using a “pre-set” theme (below.)

However, if you want to do a theme-search, here is what you need to know.

What is a theme? It is the “look and feel” of your website. There are literally many thousands of WordPress themes out there. Some are “stand-alone” but the better ones, called “child themes,” rely on a “parent” theme “framework.”

We like the Genesis engine. It is made by Studio Press… and we have standardized on their engine and all themes that run with it (often called Genesis themes.)

Think of the Genesis framework as a building with apartments all with identical floor-plans, lumber, pipes, etc. Think of the child theme as the furniture, appliances, carpets, etc.

Please note: People ask “can you make modification?” Well of course we can… and do! Lots of them. We can change colors, take out boxes, add boxes… we can do lots and lots of changes. Find something that you think will work for you and let us advise you on it.

We will install any Genesis theme that you like. Here are some places to look…  (SEE NOTE BELOW ABOUT COST).:

Our own themes for authors: If you are a publisher or author you might like some of the themes we designed for this special market. However, some of the themes at the sites below work well with books, too. We charge $35 for our own themes.

Studio Press: Obviously this should be your first stop. These themes are often the newest and coolest.

BYLT: These are not made by Studio Press but by 3rd party developers. It is a new ‘store’ but it has attracted some pretty good theme vendors.

AppfiniteThis is an excellent developer of themes. These are a bit less “corporate” than Studio Press. Our site is done in their Optimal theme.

Zigzagpress: This company makes themes that are more “artsy” and “edgy” then others. They are very nice, if you like the look.

Web-Savvy Marketing: These are all business themes built around different occupations… like law, medicine, retail, etc. They are a bit “busy” but we still like their “look” and think that they are great for many small businesses.

Exhaustive listThis site has several lists of Genesis theme vendors. If you can’t find what you want above, you might want to look here and follow some of their links. We’re not sure how often this is updated.

Agent Press for RealtorsAre you an independent Realtor? You might like Agent Press which interfaces with IDX and has a lot of functionality. We charge a bit extra for this as there is a lot of work in setting it up, but you can run your agency with it.

One Hundred ‘Best’ Themes: This site has a whole bunch of themes for Genesis. Let us know which one you like.

Use This Search: Click to get a Google search of Genesis themes.

Themedy: These folks have a few nice themes for Genesis framework, but you have to buy a ‘membership’ for $99 so you better really like whatever you get.

Restored 316: This company specializes in “feminine” themes, especially for women-owned businesses.

More Lists:

Genesis Themes – CA: This site has a collection of Genesis themes… some of them are repeated in the links above but you might find one that is new and that you like. This is a pretty good site to see what is out there.

Nuts and Bolts List: This is a pretty good list of theme developers you might want to look at.

Genesis WP List: Here is a list of smaller theme developers that might have something you will like.

People ask: What if I find a theme that is not on your list?

Fine. While we like Genesis themes, if you find one from places like App Themes or Theme Forest, let us know and we can use one of those.


We suggest you look for themes that are called “Responsive.” These are themes that work well on phones and tablets. We’ll tell you more about them when we speak with you.

Let us say it again: If you can’t find a theme you like and can’t visualize how your site will look from a demo then do this: Find a website you like, let us know the URL and we’ll find a theme that we can modify to give you something very similar. You might start here!

We think you should read our FAQ on how to Pick a Theme page.

You also might want to read our essay on Changing Themes.